ICON White Spot Treatment in Tupelo, MS

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What Is ICON White Spot Treatment?

For many people, having stained or discolored teeth can be a big worry. A bright, natural-looking set of pearly whites can elevate your smile, boosting your self-confidence. Tupelo Smiles, led by Dr. Richard Caron and Dr. John Kenney, can help you obtain a gorgeous smile with the help of ICON white spot treatment. ICON is a simple way to reduce white spot lesions, which are de-calcified areas of discoloration that occur where a section of the tooth appears milky and whiter than the rest. They may be caused by bacteria buildup, thin enamel, and/or lacking dental hygiene while wearing braces. ICON white spot treatment uses resin infiltration to fill in de-calcified areas on the teeth that produce white spots. You can receive a more even, brighter smile with ICON white spot treatment through Tupelo Smiles. To learn more, contact our Tupelo, MS office today.

How Is ICON White Spot Treatment Performed?

To kick off this treatment, one of our dental specialists will give your teeth a thorough cleaning and rinse. Next, we'll apply a specialized solution to your teeth, which we'll also rinse away. Finally, we'll layer on the ICON resin. This fluid-like material will rest on your teeth for a short period, allowing it to penetrate the enamel. A Tupelo Smiles team member will shine a light on the ICON to cure and harden it. Your practitioner will also polish the teeth using a small handheld device. We may repeat these steps to get the desired outcome. This procedure takes approximately an hour, and results can last two years or longer. After your treatment, you can resume your normal routine.

What Are the Benefits of ICON White Spot Treatment?

If you're dealing with noticeable white patches on your teeth from past braces, Tupelo Smiles offers ICON white spot treatments that can enhance your smile and minimize self-awareness. Advantages of undergoing this procedure at our Tupelo, MS location include:

  • Gentle, non-intrusive procedures
  • Enhancing enamel quality
  • Boosting the look of your teeth and overall smile
  • Keeping the tooth surface intact, no removal involved
  • More budget-friendly compared to veneers
  • Delivering durable results in just one appointment

For An ICONic Smile

Ready to say goodbye to those unsightly white spots on your teeth? Look no further than Tupelo Smiles in Tupelo, MS, where we offer effective ICON white spot treatments. With just one visit, you can enhance your enamel quality and elevate your smile, all without invasive procedures or high costs. Plus, you'll enjoy long-lasting results that keep you smiling confidently. Schedule your appointment today and discover the difference ICON can make.

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