Tupelo, MS Dentist- Dr. John Kenney's "Your Dental Health" Segment- Teething Ring Safety

http://www.tupelosmiles.com/ http://tupelodentist.com -Gums in the mouth contain more nerve cells than most other areas of the body. When infants must endure their baby teeth cutting through their gums, they can become cranky. The use of teething rings eases babies' discomfort and calms their mood. Parents and officials place a premium on teething ring safety. Clean your baby's teething ring after each use. Package labeling will describe if the ring is dishwasher safe. Never freeze liquid filled teething rings. They may break. Throw a ring away if it cracks, leaks, or breaks open. Choose to use teething rings rather than biscuits or cookies to avoid the risk of choking. Make sure to read labels to assure that the teething rings do not contain phthalates. These are chemicals that are used in the manufacturing process to soften the ring, and studies show they aren't ideal for babies to be exposed to.