Tupelo, MS Dentist- Dr. Richard Caron's "Your Dental Health" Teething Toddlers

http://www.tupelosmiles.com/ http://tupelodentist.com Teething is the word used to describe the lengthy process by which a child's baby teeth emerge from their gums. For most kids this begins around the age of six months and continues until all twenty teeth are emerged. This usually ends by the time a child is around the age of two or two and a half years old. If you have a new baby and are wondering when you need to worry about teething you should understand that some kids don't have their first teeth appear until around the age of eight months, and some may even have what is known as delayed eruption. Most teeth appear in the same order or sequence. The first two bottom front teeth appear first, then the top two front teeth. The teeth also fall out in this same order when the adult teeth begin to emerge. If your child has reached the age of ten months and has not yet had any teeth erupt it is a sign of delayed eruption, and the dentist or physician must be contacted.