Tupelo, MS – Dr. John Kenney – “Your Dental Health” - Cleaning Tips

Proper care of your teeth and gums can help you avoid common diseases like gingivitis. Here are five tips that adults should do each day to keep oral hygiene in tip top shape. *Use an Electric Toothbrush Electric toothbrushes work harder by pushing fluid between teeth and around the gum line, which provides a more effective cleaning. * Floss at Night It is very important to brush, floss and scrape your tongue every night to get rid of bacteria and go to bed with your mouth as clean as possible. * Select the Right Toothpaste Be cautious of any toothpaste that promises to "whiten" teeth. * Don’t Forget Mouthwash By using mouthwash before you brush, it can loosen particles of food that may not be fully removed by brushing and flossing. * Eat Foods Good for Healthy Teeth Certain foods naturally cleanse your teeth while you eat them. Load up on fruits like strawberries and pineapple and vegetables like kale and broccoli.