Tupelo, MS - Dr. John Kenney "Your Dental Health" Dental Insurance vs. Dental Savings Plans

Do you know the difference is between dental insurance, and a dental discount plan? Dental insurance works like health insurance and is often available through your employer. Most plans have a monthly premium, and when you have a dental expense, the insurance plan pays all or part of that expense, up to a stated maximum. Like health insurance, these plans come with deductibles, co-pays, waiting periods and policy maximums. Dental discount plans, however, do not pay any dental expenses for you. Instead, you pay an annual fee for the plan, and then receive a discount on dental procedures as you have them performed. There are generally no deductibles, no waiting periods, or annual maximums. Before buying a dental discount plan, make sure that your dentist participates in that plan. Contact your dentist’s office if you have any questions about which best fits your needs.