Tupelo, MS - Dr. John Kenney "Your Dental Health" Dental Myths

Tooth decay is the breakdown of teeth due to bacteria in the mouth. We all know daily brushing and flossing helps prevent it, but there are several myths surrounding tooth decay. Myth number one. Since baby teeth fall out anyway, it's ok to lose them to tooth decay. This is untrue, because decaying baby teeth can damage adult teeth coming in below them. Myth number two. More sugar means more tooth decay. Sugary foods like chewy candies or soda, are in contact with your teeth longer and can cause more harm. It isn’t the amount of sugar you eat; it's the amount of time that sugar is in contact with your teeth. Myth number three. Tooth decay only affects young people. Many medications older people take cause dry mouth, a contributing factor to tooth decay. Also, chronic health conditions like diabetes put the elderly at greater risk for periodontal disease. To get the facts about tooth decay, talk with your dentist or hygienist.