Tupelo, MS – Dr. John Kenney – “Your Dental Health” -- Scuba diving

Problems with dental work can affect you in many ways, besides the more obvious ailments associated with eating or chewing. SCUBA diving is one activity where dental problems can sometimes become an issue. For example, if there is an unexpected air pocket within a tooth, a diver may experience a dental barotrauma. This occurs when the air in such a pocket expands as the diver comes to the surface, putting pressure on fillings or nerves. Divers can also experience problems with muscles of the jaw, caused by biting down on the regulator mouthpiece. This may require a custom-fitted mouthpiece to maintain better alignment of your teeth. For more information on diving-related medical problems, go to alert diver dot com. For general information about SCUBA diving, call the Tupelo Aquatic Center.