Tupelo, MS -- Dr. John Kenney - "Your Dental Health" Segment - Technology And Your Teeth

http://www.tupelosmiles.com/ http://tupelodentist.com/ Technology and your Teeth Technological advances in the last twenty years have transformed the field of density. Whether you are fearful patient, a dental procrastinator, or a dental enthusiast, you'll be wowed by the new techniques that are making procedures easier, faster, and practically pain-free. One of the most exiting innovations is the creation of crowns. The new Cerec crown practically eliminates the laboratory. With Cerec's new technology, your crown is created by a computer out of pure ceramic while you wait, eliminating that second appointment as well as the temporary crown. Another innovation is the Single Tooth anesthesia system or STA. This technology allows infections to be more precise, with improved drug delivery and a higher level of client comfort. Other new advances, like Intra Oral Photography, Digital Radiology, Diode Laser treatments, and others are providing patients more comfort and ease.