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Cracked Tooth Syndrome is a real problem for many people but can be hard to diagnose. Watch this video to learn about the 3 phases of Cracked Tooth Syndrome.


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Dr. Richard C.: Cracked tooth syndrome is a real problem for many people and it's typically hard to diagnose. The signs and symptoms vary in cracked tooth syndrome, making it difficult on your dentist to pinpoint the problem. Cracked tooth syndrome can be summed up in three successive phases. Craze lines, cracks and fractures. Craze lines are minuscule cracks in just the outer enamel of a tooth. Although not an immediate danger to the tooth, craze lines can lead to true cracks in the enamel that actually penetrate in the body of the tooth. This can lead to a very serious condition called fracture, where the crack may extend deep into the root of the tooth. The deeper the crack extends, the worse the symptoms. The most serious condition is a fracture that exposes the pulp, the actual living tissue within the tooth. Cracked tooth syndrome affects individual teeth and cannot spread from tooth to tooth. Early diagnosis from your dentist is critical. For your dental health, I'm Dr. Richard Caron.

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