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We understand what it means to find a dentist who can accommodate all of your family’s oral health needs. Tupelo Smiles Family and Cosmetic Dentistry has gained a reputation within our community as a practice that patients at every stage of life can visit to enjoy positive, personalized dental visits. Our family-friendly practice is also known as a place when you immediately feel at home the second you walk through our doors. While we strive each day to exceed the standard of care for every individual, we feel our story is best told by the people we are fortunate enough to call our patients. Take a peek at some of our reviews to see why patients of all ages love visiting Tupelo Smiles.

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Review from R.W.  |  Source: Facebook  |  Jun 04, 2015

I really dislike the dentist. Some people dislike clowns I can't stand the dentist. I've been traumatized with picks, needles and drills. I found Tupelo smiles after I left my dentist for lack of communication. How can u talk to me about x-rays when ur behind me talking to the back of my head, I can't see you and you haven't even shown me what ur talking about?? So sat in Tupelo Smiles office beside the Keurig machine, looking at the saltwater fish tank, filling out my for...m on their HP tablet thinking great here we go again another money bleeding dentist. I meet the staff who are very friendly but still not my dentist. Several employees have been there >20 yrs. Impressive. Answered a bunch of questions of course asked me about tooth whitening and $4000 braces. Waiting. Then in comes the dentist? Where's the hygienist, just clean my teeth and be done with it..... He proceeds to discuss things with me and does one of the most thorough exams ever checking for oral cancer? Wow that's a first. He explains everything he's looking at. What's the catch? I know he's gonna order these big x-rays and bill my insurance. Nope he's gonna get them from the other dentist and just get a couple for a cavity survey. Surprising. Then they put a lead protector on me and a thyroid protector? I haven't seen one of those since medical training. No dental office ever has protected my thyroid. Being in the medical field I've asked several times about radiation exposure and was told nowadays it's less than UV exposure of the sun. So why do u still leave the room? Last but not least he pulls out his Canon looking camera and takes several close up gum and teeth pics to keep on file. Then I get a complementary tooth mold and whitening kit. ??? No charge. I didn't even get a cleaning. My next visit will be a thorough cleaning with discussion of x-rays. Wow. Dr. Caron earned his title of DMD. He gained my trust and established a great relationship. Tupelo smiles is very thorough, caring and concerned for your well being. This is the first "physician of teeth" I've ever truly met. Thank you Tupelo......just another reason to love living here. More

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